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  My discovery will prove Adamski's claim

by Basil van den Berg

In its September-October issue the FLYING SAUCER REVIEW printed an account of Mr. van dan Berg's astonishing claim to have deciphered the Adamski hieroglyphlcs and to have constructed an anti-gravity device based upon them. The author now tells his own story and we append an Interview with him by our correspondent, Mr. Phillip J. Human, on August 2.
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  THROUGH the medium of FLYING SAUCER REVIEW I take this opportunity of conveying to as many readers as possible throughout the world the facts of my findings through the past ten years, beginning in 1953, when one of the most controversial books ever on the subject of UFOs was published. I refer to Flying Saucers Have Landed, by Desmond Leslie and George Adaraski, of America.

  Many books have been written regarding UFOs or "flying saucers," but I can, through my own findings, in utmost sincerity, say that the most important of all books to be written are those by Mr. George Adamski. I say this because he has, in all sincerity and honesty, and with great courage, tried to convey to the world the simple straightforward truth about these phenomena.

  I use the words sincerity and honesty guite openly as regards Mr. Adamski, since I now have indisputable proof for the scientist and layman alike that George Adamski's claims are authentic beyond reproach.

Careful judgment

  I am not a person who believes in everything that I read without first weighing the pros and cons very carefully, and even then I reserve my judgment. I have learned through experience that it is unwise to judge my fellow beings without the necessary evidence to justify that judgment.

  Therefore, I did not judge Mr. Adamski-off-hand as so many had done when I first read his bonk. Flying Saucers Have Landed, since I had neither evidence nor proof that he was a fake, or that lie was genuine.

  Prior to my reading his book, my interest in fying saucers was nil, since I had never heard, or read, of them before. I was therefore in no position to take sides either for or against. What did arouse my interest was the amazing similarity between Mr. Adamski's photograph of a scoutship published in his book ana a strange object that had trailed my bomber for three hours during the last war. This incident we reported to Intelligence on arrival at base, and subsequently learned that sightings of these strange phenomena had been reported before, but no explanation of what they were could be given.

  On coming to the conclusion that there may be some connection between Adamski's story and my war-time sighting, I took a keen interest in the photograph of the symbolic message dropped to George Adamskj by Venusians from just such a craft.

  My opinion was, that if there was any truth in his book and there was a connection with my own sighting, then the symbols would give the answer, one way or the other.

  From then on I worked for many months on the symbols, trying by every possible means to connect them in some way with a tangible solution. I finally succeeded in discovering the righit "channe" through which the symbols could be interpreted. Here I was on my guard as to whether this was a clever hoax perpetrated by Mr. Adamski. or really symbols given to him by beings from another planet

  This gave me more reason to discover the truth, since I realised that either these symbols could be the basis for some of the greatest advancements in science in the world, or it could mean a waste of time. I then wrote to Mr. Adamski and asked for clear prints of the symbols, since the reproduction in the book had lost most of the clarity and detail. On receipt of these prints I settled down to the arduous task of gleaning the information from them to the best of my ability - little realising the tremendous task that lay ahead. As the years passed by, more and more information was revealed--information that no being on earth could ever have dreamed up to use as a hoax, for they reveal the fantastic truth of these craft in detail. They reveal the method of propulsion, as well as two powerful magnetic motors, and detailed plans of the interior and exterior of these craft, giving both the large mothership and the smaller scout-craft commonly known as flying saucers.

  Since the motors alone have not yet been invented on this earth, and since they have been solved through the symbolic message, the big question is: "Where does the message come from?"

 Obviously not from anyone on this earth- that child can see - so no matter how impressivethe scientists may try to be. they cannot deny this, and are misleading the public.

  Since these findings have borne practical proof of Mr. Adamski's genuineness and of space craft from planets other than ours, it is my intention, along with Mr.Adamski, to give to the people of the world that which is rightly theirs.  

  It is already too late for any interference from any source whatever, whether it be at Government level or not. This interference was foreseen yearrs ago and consequently plans have in the past been put into operation and carried out in utmost secrecy throughout the world to counter any move seeking to prevent these works reaching mankind.

  When the world has this proof, which is not far off now, Mr. Adamski will once and for all be vindicated.

My Interview with Basil van den Berg by Phillip J. Human

  On the morning of April 29, 1962, another alleged contact with a being from another planet hit the headlines in a leading Afrikaans Sunday newspaper-Stem. In this instance the contactee was a Mr. Basil van den Berg, of Johannesburg.  I have always been inclined to believe George Adamski, and as this latest contact was mainly based the controversial Adamski "symbols," I was most keen to meet Mr. van den Berg personally. We started corresponding and I was impressed by his humility, sincerity and forthrigntness. At length a mutually convenient time and date for our first meeting was agreed upon.

  It is difficult to describe my feelings and thoughts as I walked down Eloff Street, Johannesburg, towards our rendezvous, on the morning of Thursday, August 2, 1962. As I approached a certain corner I noticed a tall man, erect, with kindly eyes, surveying the passing parade of shoppers.

  It was Basil van den Berg. I shook hands with the man whose contact story had caused such a sensation in South Africa and who claims to hold the magic formula that would ultimately pave our way to the stars.

  We soon found a convenient tea room and sat down in a quiet spot. In my brief-case was a copy of the January-February FLYING SAUCER REVIEW, which describes Professor Marcel Hornet's amazing discovery in northern Brazil of boulders with engraved symbols which bear a striking resemblance to those of Adamski. I noticed that my friend had brought a bulging folder and a strange gadget which he handed to me for inspection. It was part of a motor he had invented from the de- oded Adamski symbols, and of which a photo appeared in the September-October REVIEW. It seemed to be made of steel, and I remarked about its weight and the fact that it seemed to be "alive." He smiled as he said "I'm glad you notice that it is alive. Look, here are the magnets!"

  Then he described its importance in great detail and opened his files which testified to the enormous amount of work obviously involved in its construction. There were literally hundreds of triangular-like drawings that seemed to fit into a master blueprint. I nodded my head wisely and often, as if taking it all in, but at the same time pitied him, as the scientific jargon was falling on uncomprehending ears. " Basil" I thought, " you were never safer in your life. It doesn't mean a thing to me!"

  He must have caught on as he suddenly asked : "Now what have you got in that magazine yon said you were so keen to show me?"

  I wondered what his reaction would be as I turned to Professor Hornet illustration of the Brazilian hieroglyphics. He seemed stunned for a moment and then exclaimed: "This is amazing! It is absolutely fantastic! The drawing is upside down, but just look at those symbols!" He then produced two prints of Adamski's symbols, and I noticed what a vast improvement they were on the one appearing in Flying Saucerft Have Landed. He then compared Adamski's with Professor Hornet's and excitedly drew my attention to numerous points of apparent similarity.

  Our tea was cold by now, but that didn't matter. " Please give me- this magazine forr further study under my magnifying glass," he pleaded.

  "With pleasure," I replied, "but look at the time! We mustn't keep the Stem people waiting." They knew of my visit to Johannesburg and wished to interview us together.

  As we hurried along to the Stem offices, Mr. van den Berg was explaining the threedimensional aspect of the Adamski photograph and how he was discovering new symbols every time he studied them under a magnifying glass. " It seems there is no end to all the details given.

  What brilliant scientists these Venusians must be to be able to superimpose their symbols over Adamski's photograph." " You know" he went on, " I worked night and day to break down the code.

  Often I was tempted to call it quits, but yet I plodded on until I found success crowning my hard work. Soon I was constructing the motors. All the details were there. I shall never forget the day when the first motor was ready. It was on my birthday .......Then I met the "Master".

  I did not press details as we had reached the Stem offices. The hum of printing presses could be heard coming from the basement, I thought of the time, thirty years ago, when I worked in a printing office myself. In those days the offending flying saucers were virtually unknown.

  In due course we were ushered into a spacious office. After the usual introductions I took my seat with a great deal of apprehension, but felt honoured all the same to take my stand in defence of the " saucers " and the beings who pilot them. But I need not have worried. I was in the company of sincere friends. They were "believers," too.

  It was an interesting experience and the interview lasted nearly three hours. Once again Professor Hornet was under discussion and my precious FLYING SAUCER REVIEW changed hands once more as it was needed to illustrate a report that subsequently appeared the following Sunday.

How I wished that everv editor of even national newspaper took such in interrst in flying saucers in general, and FLYING SAUCER REVIEW in particular as did the Stem newspapermen.

  I am happy to report that throughout the interview Mr. van den Berg backed my views and observations, and I was impressed by the obvious esteem in which this soft-spoken and unassuming "go-getter " was held by the Stem personnel.

  Hours later I saw Mr. van den Berg to his bus, but not until he had told me more about his contacts. To put the reader in the picture also, I can do no better than to quote from one of his letters :

  "A point I would like to clear at this stage is the misinterpretation by the editor of Stem regarding my meeting with our Brother. On the first occasion he merely put me back on to the right track of interpreting the symbols, since I had wavered andhad become cnonfused alter five years, during which time the motor had already been completed. The second contact was brief, and merely confirmed the first. He brought no sketches of his own as reported, and gave me no help whatever in solving the symbols. I repeat: He merely pointed out the correct path to follow since I had deviated and had lost telepathic communication with the Master through my own emotions, and that was the sole purpose of the visit. Since then I have solved much more, and have gleaned a tremendous amount of knowledge through my own efforts. The Brother has taught me the folly of emotional interference and I have since guarded against it, thus keeping our telepathic channel open and clear.

  "My aim is to prove to all and sundry Mr. Adamski's genuineness and that the symbols are not of this world. I could so easily claim these inventions as my own doing without even mentioning the symbols, and not a single soul on this planet would ever be the wiser. Not even Adumski !" I believe Basil van den Berg just as I have always believed George Adamski.

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